Elon Musk First Tesla AI Robot

Elon Musk First Tesla AI (artificial intelligence) Robot Produced

on June 2nd, 2022 Elon Musk shocked social media by announcing potentially his greatest invention of all time.

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AI  has always intrigued Elon Musk so he has taken matters into his own hands by unveiling something unbelievable people are wondering why Elon Musk has dragged tesla  to try to to  this but his view of ai engineers makes it clear. Elon Musk hates artificial intelligence engineers there are few people on this earth as confident as Elon Musk that confidence has also drastically reduced his filter. whenever he talks in public he does not hold anything back especially when speaking about a topic he holds great passion for like artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk has little to no trust in the experts working on artificial intelligence explicitly stating that those people are in over their heads well the biggest issue i see with so-called ai experts is that they think they know more than they do and they think they`re smarter than they actually are when a man is confident as Elon Musk tells you you're being overconfident you would be advised to hear him out Elon Musk demands nothing less than the best from his engineers at spacex and tesla and it is all too clear that the current crop of engineers in the artificial intelligence industry has not impressed him in the slightest Elon Musk is someone who cannot sleep on a problem and since the abysmal performance of the ai industry is a massive problem for him he has decided to fix it himself through tesla tesla is the hottest topic in technology.

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because it keeps on shattering everyone's expectations in everything it puts out let's check it out tesla is insane Elon Musk has cemented his name in history not one but two companies that have shot to the top of their respective industries one of those companies is tesla which is easily the biggest name in the world in the electric vehicle industry it's no stroke of luck either tesla's products are the real deal the first tesla roadster was such a big hit that it left people constantly pressing Elon Musk to release another and as he often does Elon Musk delivered to their expectations when he unveiled the tesla roadster 2020 to a standing ovation from the crowd.

it was the the foundation the whole company was the tesla roadster people asked us for a long time when are you gonna make a new roadster we are making it now tesla's success has meant that it is now a household name and naturally Elon Musk has capitalized on the growth by branching out into other avenues tesla is no longer a simple car manufacturer but a multitasking castle of technology recently Elon Musk announced that tesla would also be entering the smartphone market seeking to rival.

the samsungs and apples of the industry and it would be a safe bet to back tesla to do so as Elon Musk almost always makes his wishes come true the next avenue Elon Musk wants to nudge tesla into is indeed the artificial intelligence industry as he feels that it is an untapped market that is just waiting for someone to grab it by the horns which brings us to the huge announcement keep watching to find out the big reveal Elon Musk's take on the next step in growth of ai is creating a fully functional tesla bot affectionately named optimus the tesla bot has been rapidly climbing Elon Musk's priority list and ever since he unveiled the tesla bot's design last year Elon Musk has strengthened the personnel working on the tesla bot significantly.

all right thank you now unlike judd unlike dojo obviously that was not real so doj is real uh the tesla bot will be real the design observed last year was displayed by a human obviously but according to Elon Musk it is only a matter of time until the design will be doomed by a real robot Elon Musk announced in june 2022 that he hopes a tesla bot prototype will be ready and on display as early as september 2022 for the tesla ai day that got delayed earlier in the year while many people think this is too optimistic of a timeline to achieve.

Elon Musk believes that it is conceivable which is why he doubled down on his prototype announcement by shocking the world with his second announcement the second earth-shaking announcement was that Elon Musk plans to start mass production on the tesla bot next year his view is that with the speed technology is growing humanity's need for artificial intelligence is greater than it has ever been before which is why it is imperative that tesla gets ahead and fulfills this need tesla is by far the best candidate to do so because its track record speaks for itself the knowledge and skill needed to pull off something as outrageous as the tesla bot are most abundantly in the hands and minds of Elon Musk and his fellow engineers, however while Elon Musk knows and admits the desperate need for robots from his admission there's nothing in this entire world that terrifies Elon Musk more than artificial intelligence.

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 it's hard to make sense of it but Elon Musk has his reasons for his deepest fears continue watching to see why he's so scared of robots Elon Musk's biggest fear there are lots of reasons why Elon Musk is at the top of two gigantic industries and arguably the biggest one is his decision making Elon Musk has made a career of making the toughest and riskiest decisions but even he had doubts about going ahead with the tesla bot and ai in general because he feels that no one truly understands the dangers of artificial intelligence however the need for robots is now at an all-time high so Elon Musk has made the difficult decision to give tesla the green light.

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